Yours is ours.


Yours is ours.

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Personal Coaching & Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

Personal Coaching & Personal Development

Self development is growth at the highest level and promises a lucrative return on your investment.

People often try to unnecessarily spread the word about problems and challenges. My approach, however, is fast, precise and lasting.

My offer for your personal coaching & self-development

For your small, medium or big revolution!

To help you achieve your growth in no time, I have created the revolutionary concept of the double session.

After this intensive session, we know exactly which revolution size is right for you.

Here you can already get an overview of the possible options.

"Eva's work is the Porsche in the world of coaching: fast, exclusive and high-end state of the art."

E. Doleschy

Your three VIP Revolutionary Deals

The psyche is more efficient when it sees a beginning and an ending.

quick – not dirty

The revolution kit for a single
& clear defined issue

  • 1.5 months of intensive transformation
  • unlimited VOXER Support*
  • 3 coaching sessions, incl. a 3-hour RTT hypnosis with a recording of the sessions

massive magic

The revolutionary classic for an
intensive treatment of different

  • 2.5 months of intensive transformation
  • unlimited VOXER Support*
  • 5 coaching sessions, incl. a 3-hour RTT hypnosis with a recording of the sessions

Total transformation

The all-in revolution – especially for old and
and deep issues as well as for business clients, as it offers enough space for a wide range of
coaching needs

  • 4 months of intensive transformation
  • unlimited VOXER Support*
  • 11 coaching sessions, incl. a 3-hour RTT hypnosis with a recording of the sessions
  • Creation & consultation of the motivation code

*VOXER: a secure communication app in walkie-talkie style | Unlimited: reply to messages, Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Coaching needs are as individual as you are

Especially if we have already worked together, the individual modules will be interesting for you:

VOXER Mentoring

IRT – Coaching session

RTT Session

Online Coaching

"Thank you again for the time we spent together, you have got me so much further in such a short time than my therapist
who didnt come that close in two years."

Karin B.

No matter what you think. You are right.

Sound familiar: You know exactly what you want, but somehow you don’t manage to make this goal a reality? This is because our habits are stronger than our will to survive.

For this reason I am happy and proud to be one of the few coaches in Germany who can offer you the RTT hypnotherapy and hypnosis as well as the Intentional Revolution Technique®️, developed by me.

High performers in the United States are never without a mental coach. A sparring partner who helps to dissolve inner barriers and to focus your thoughts. Especially on what you want! That is what is so special about my personal mental coaching in combination with the RTT hypnotherapy:

Everyone is talking about coaching – but with what can it actually help you? And above all, what makes coaching with me so special?

Usually I only work with you cognitively in the double session. In this session we do a family constellation and you have lots of aha-moments – no matter how many years you may have experienced therapy or coaching. Afterwards we discuss which coaching plan makes sense for you, or whether we should create an individual plan for you.

For the unblocking of blockades that prevent you from achieving what you already know is possible, I use the Intentional Revolution Technique®️. I have developed this method to help my clients in an incredibly fast and long lasting way:

I am not what happened to me,
I am what I choose to become.

carl gustav jung
Client Success Stories

Are you ready for your own personal revolution?

Let us see whether the vast majority of the so-called 'insurmountable barriers'
the world draws aren't harmless chalk lines

lou a. salomé