RTT Hypnotherapy

A different kind of revolution.

RTT Hypnotherapie

Revolution mal anders.

Well known from
Personal Coaching & Persönlichkeitsentwicklung

RTT Hypnotherapy: healing the beginning to create your freedom of today.

If habits can be even stronger than the will to survive – what does it mean when you want to break new ground in your life?

Transform your subconscious – because no matter what you think. You are right.

My offer for your personal coaching & self-development

For your small, medium or big revolution!

We start with the legendary double session in the 1:1 VIP coaching: aha-moments, clear goals and a solid coaching plan as well as lots of magic!

After this intensive session, we know exactly which revolution size is right for you.

Here you can already get an overview of the possible options.

„The result of 10 years of therapy - in 2 hours. THAT really blew me away."

Christian (CFO)

the three VIP Revolution Deals

The psyche is more efficient when it sees a beginning and an ending.

quick – not dirty

The revolution kit for a single
& clear defined issue

  • 1.5 months of intensive transformation
  • unlimited VOXER Support*
  • 3 coaching sessions, incl. a 3-hour RTT hypnosis with a recording of the transformation sessions

massive magic

The revolutionary classic for an
intensive treatment of different

  • 2.5 months of intensive transformation
  • unlimited VOXER Support*
  • 5 coaching sessions, incl. a 3-hour RTT hypnosis with a recording of the transformation sessions

Total transformation

The all-in revolution – especially for old and
and deep issues as well as for business clients, as it offers enough space for a wide range of
coaching needs

  • 4 months of intensive transformation
  • unlimited VOXER Support*
  • 11 coaching sessions, incl. a 3-hour RTT hypnosis with a recording of the transformation sessions
  • Creation & consultation of the motivation code
  • Special: VIP WEEKEND for 7.500 instead of 10.000 EUR

*VOXER: a secure communication app in walkie-talkie style | Unlimited: reply to messages, Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

Coaching needs are as individual as you are

Especially if we have already worked together, the individual modules will be interesting for you:

VOXER Mentoring

IRT – Coaching session

RTT Session

Online Coaching

"Thank you again for the time we spent together, you have got me so much further in such a short time than my therapist
who didnt come that close in two years."

Karin B.

innovative coaching - over 12 years Rapid coach with 7 patented tools

Life with its solutions is far less complicated than it feels in times of crisis – and above all more than many would have you believe.

The body is the voice of the soul. If you feel unwell and dissatisfied, if you have strong physical symptoms or drastic diagnoses, it is worth taking a look behind the scenes!

This is exactly what is so unique about my coaching: the mental coaching I developed „Intentional Revolution Technique®️“ in combination with the most modern and innovative form of hypnosis allows you to recognise, to understand, to heal and to let go of everything psycho?-LOGICAL in your life.

And that’s exactly when your personal transformative audio recording kicks in: it reprograms your brain for smashing success!

I learned Rapid Transformational Therapy – RTT Hypnosis Therapy for short – under the guidance of Marisa Peer in Los Angeles, California.

I am committed to helping you realise your dreams and achieve your goals using the most effective and efficient techniques. In the USA, you cannot find a high performer without a mental coach. A sparring partner and mentor, and that’s how I see my role.

Your life is too precious – so LEAD it and don’t dumb it down.

Together we rock your revolution!

Hypnotherapy - you are relaxed and notice everything

In the past few years, Rapid Transformational Therapy has won numerous awards and has established itself as a treatment method that, when properly embedded, enables rapid and permanent change.

Dont worry, you are fully conscious while your nervous system is asleep. This allows us to work perfectly with your all-knowing subconscious.

The results?

The best way out is always through

robert frost
Client Success Stories

Are you ready for your own personal revolution?

The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off!

gloria steinem