Revolutionary contents.

Motivating & Inspiring.

Revolutionary contents.

Motivating & Inspiring.

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For me, keynote speaking means informing my audience about the latest developments, motivating them through content and laying the foundation for revolutions with innovative strategies.

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„Shortage of skilled workers: causes and solutions.“

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And if you want to know what the abolition of arranged marriages has in common with the introduction of an unconditional basic income – let’s talk about how I can support you.


I love to support high performers and entrepreneurs who want to live with lots of passion and enthusiasm. Who seek professional and private success and satisfaction.

If this drive has been lost, old patterns keep coming back or your body puts the brakes on, it’s time to move on to the next level.

Eliminate saboteurs, create a new, clear vision and direct all your energy towards it.

Along with courageous and responsible people, I look where few dare to look.

Are you with me? Do you dare? 


A successful event flourishes with humorous and intelligently guided moderation. I prepare myself for your company, your topics and contents with great attention to detail in order to skilfully guide you through your event with its various thematic fields.

Moderations & Podium debates

In addition, suspenders are very flexible.

Using my combination of humour and seriousness, important topics are given their space and encourage the audience.
You are looking for a moderator, for your event / conference or an convention, who will fascinates your audience with clever dialogues and content, and who will inspire to think in a new way and change their mindset?

Get in touch with me and my team, I look forward to supporting your vision.

A good moderation is like a suspender: only when it falls out do you notice that it exists.

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Once you've had a taste of the stage, there is no turning back.

At the age of 4 I went to the ballet for the first time, in my twenties I was a singer in a cover rock band and for many years now I have had a lot of fun on stage as a keynote speaker. I will take you on new paths in the topics of Leadership, Change, Communication & Growth. As a typical example of a first born I always have an overview of the needs of my audience and involve them in the situation. Whether at kick-off events, incentives, annual business meetings or conferences, I love to shape your events with you and meet interesting, inspiring people in enriching discussions and conversations.
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Are you ready for your own personal revolution?

If we want to make a difference,
we have to think new & big.
Starting with ourselves & for the collective.

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