About Eva

systematic change

This is a revolution. and we need it.


About Eva

systematic change

This is a revolution. and we need it.


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Why do I love what I do?

Even as a pupil, I didn’t find the school system too appealing and would have loved to revolutionise it. When I analysed my leaders there and those in my following professional life, I experienced a balanced mixture of both – outstanding leaders and also questionable leadership methods. I also come from a rather revolutionary family. One of those who would regularly make a fuss at the ministry or stand up at staff meetings to tell the board what they thought of the planned changes.

My drive to release your energy for change & growth through highly individual and dynamic VIP coaching and transformative events is therefore a matter that lies close to my heart.

From the microcosm to the macrocosm

As a coach for personal revolutions, I have now made it my task to start innovative transformation processes together with my customers and clients. These processes begin in our own microcosm and are then carried forward from there. In this way, we ensure a world worth living in for our children and future generations.

This is my contribution to sustainability.

Meet power with responsibility.

Helping to shape the business and political landscape is such a priority for me because of its impact. The consequences are so incredibly far-reaching. And the effect is immense for all of us. 

For this reason, entrepreneurs and high performers belong to a particularly valued group of my clients. Their individual microcosm is even more far-reaching. This makes the importance of sparring and the inner revolutions in order to enable evolution on the outside even more significant.

"With great power comes great responsibility"


root canal treatments – As a coach I am and remain a fan of it

Everybody advised me not to compare my work with root canals. 

But all the high-performers who work with me do not want any painkillers, BUT real, fast and long-lasting solutions. They are aware that in order to fulfil this promise, it is necessary to go to the root of the problems and obstacles. 

I love to revolutionise systems quickly and to the point, and to empower executives and C-levels in leadership development to inspire revolutions themselves in order to meet their power with responsibility. And this combined with a deep desire for change, which I deeply care about. For this reason, addressing sensitive and important topics is just as much a part of my biography and essential as the urge for freedom and self-determination for everyone.

In the end, this is what coaching and mentoring is all about for me: discovering and developing one’s very own, new and big visions. And at the same time, actively shaping one’s own personal working environment.

The manual for your personal revolution.

The Goldilocks Principle® is one of my seven coaching tool patents. Because I assume that every situation in life can be considered perfect.

How to do that? How to turn even the biggest professional or private shit into gold? That’s what you’ll read in this revolutionary and innovative guidebook. 

The Goldilocks Principle® is packed with many examples and impressive quotations! You can look forward to many „AHA“ moments and impulses for action. 

Client Success Stories

Are you ready for your own personal revolution?

“To making revolution, not just dinner"

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