Your motivation code

Decode your motives for action
for a more successful creation

Your motivation code

Decode your motives for action

for a more successful creation

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Your personal motivation profile

Your personal motivation code will help you to discover more about yourself:

  • Clarity about the motives of your own actions
  • To be able to do things better and in a more goal-oriented way
  • Optimisation of your tasks
  • Reframing failure into success
  • Why you do what you do
  • How to transform unwanted things into success!
  • What you should do to be successful – because success follows joy!

16 classified life motives

The American psychologist Steven Reiss classified 16 life motives. The Reiss Motivation Profile® developed by him is a scientifically based test method to map the most important life motives and to understand your own behavioural motives better.

Because in contrast to your needs, which do change in the course of your life – at 21 you usually feel more like partying than with 45 – life motives stay quite constant. In other words, WHY we (don’t) do something or want to do something.

Find out your own personal motivation code. What drives you, what leaves you cold and how do you make use of this in your own daily life – in business and in your private life?

Which motives are helpful for which activity and in which moments, which are getting in your way and need a different perspective?

With the clarity about your motivation code, you can look into your own cards and deal more relaxed with any differences that your counterpart may have.

This is what makes it so exciting for teams and couples!

The online test includes 128 proven questions to uncover your personal motivational structure. As a result, it is as individual as you are. The resulting 16 life motives are:

where and why the motivation code makes sense:

It is worth taking a look at your own personality, especially as a leader, in professional re-orientation and in partnership issues. If you know yourself, you can look at your personality in a relaxed way and use it in a specific and goal-oriented way. In order to give you a good overview of your motivation to take action, your strengths and your personal characteristics, I studied to become a Reiss Profile Master.

In personal guidance, team building, as well as in leadership, staff and team development, a comparison of individual motivational characteristics is useful. But the Reiss Profile also helps during couple counselling. Other applications are:

After the digital analysis, you will receive your personal evaluation interview online via Zoom, for which you should plan about one and a half hours. The interview is usually part of a coaching session, but can also be booked separately.

My offer to you

Your motivation code

& personal Coaching

  • Transforming the perspective
  • Clarity for goal-oriented action
  • Discover your motivators for success
  • Exposing your saboteurs
  • Decode your code now with a one-hour coaching session!
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