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substantive, feminine [the]

Overturning what has been valid or existing up to now. 

A fundamental innovation and deep transformation.


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Coaching for revolutionaries

Neither Karl Lagerfeld nor Coco Chanel went to coaching.
But if they had felt blocked, that would have been the place to solve it.

If the following sentences sound familiar, you are at the right place to transform them:

“I should be so happy. I have everything I always wanted, but I don't feel it."

"I know there is so much more but I don't see the way/ I don't have the strength to move on right now."
“I know what needs to be done, but I can't do it. Concerning doing my tasks, regarding my decisions, communication, my diet and exercise - but I can't get there."

Here you regain your strength.
Intuitive, authentic and integrity to act.
To revolutionize your own life and start your own evolutionary journey!

You start at idle or in full-throttle emergency braking mode and at the end of the process you put your horsepower on the road.


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C-Level | Executives | Entrepreneurs | Employees | Teachers | Parents | Couples | Individuals


Relationship-based | target-oriented | in exchange | at eye level | individual | private

Leadership - Relationship - Communication


To start coaching is a powerful choice as a leader. A yes to yourself! Towards your revolution in a record time. It will change the way you think, feel and act. On more than one level. And it will generate more output than you could ever have imagined when you set your goals.


You deserve to feel free, joyful and connected. Your authentic personality creates your new reality. One where you are safe, seen and loved. And where the people you are, live and work with recognise you as the role model you are. Get back into your flow!


Successful communication is as unique as you are. At the same time, there are a few helpful tools, such as my patented 3 Step What Communication, that help you be in relationships authentically, with integrity, and at eye level. Experience connection, fun and safety within your relationships.

Experience your worth!

reasons for your elevated LEADERSHIP Coaching
reasons for your elevated LEADERSHIP Coaching
elevated 1:1 VIP Coaching
elevated 1:1 VIP Coaching

After your double lesson, we discuss the duration and intensity of your coaching package.

elevated female academy
elevated female academy


"With great power comes great responsibility"


Psycho? Logical!

Every situation in the present is a result of your past. Not only of your conscious decisions, but above all of your unconscious priming. 

We turn everything into gold!

And bring you to where you want to be.

My passion is to play an active role in helping you live a successful life.

For this purpose, I developed 7 life-changing coaching tools, and I am the founder of the Intentional Revolution Technique®. I also wrote a book about my approach. I love to speak as an advocate for personal development and true individual fulfilment on TV and in podcasts.

Together with my clients, I start personal revolutions that begin in their own microcosm, elevate their lives and are carried on from there. (…)

The manual for your personal revolution.

The Goldilocks Principle® is one of my seven coaching tool patents. Because I assume that every situation in life can be considered perfect.

How to do that? How to turn even the biggest professional or private shit into gold? That’s what you’ll read in this revolutionary and innovative guidebook. 

The Goldilocks Principle® is packed with many examples and impressive quotations! You can look forward to many „AHA“ moments and impulses for action. 

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